About debian.dev-zero.nl

Welcome to DevZero’s repository for Debian Linux.

There are actually two different repositories for each Debian release, one named ‘backports’ and one named ‘custom’. The former contains packages that are merely backported from testing or unstable, without any functional changes. These packages can be safely upgraded to a newer version from official Debian repositories when one is released, for example when a new version of Debian is released.

The latter contains packages that are functionally different from official Debian packages, so upgrading to a possibly newer version from Wheezy, Jessie or Backports might break things and is not recommended.

WARNING: packages from the ‘custom’ repository have been changed by the maintainer of this repository and may or may not do what you expect them to. Use at your own risk! Please consult the appropriate changelog and/or this blog for more information.


Use the following configuration to use the packages available here:

For Wheezy:

deb http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian wheezy-backports main
deb http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian wheezy-custom main
deb-src http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian wheezy-backports main
deb-src http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian wheezy-custom main

For Squeeze:

deb http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian squeeze-backports main
deb http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian squeeze-custom main
deb-src http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian squeeze-backports main
deb-src http://debian.dev-zero.nl/debian squeeze-custom main

All packages have a default priority of 1, which is set in the Release file. This means that they will not be used automatically, even if you have the appropriate lines in your sources.list file.


To install a package from the ‘backports’ repository, you can use:

# aptitude -t wheezy-backports install 

Similarly, to install a package from the ‘custom’ repository, type:

# aptitude -t wheezy-custom install 

Apt preferences for automatic upgrades

To get automatic upgrades for packages from ‘backports’, you should set a priority > 100. Add the following to /etc/apt/preferences:

Package: *
Pin: release wheezy-backports
Pin-Priority: 120

If you decide to use packages from ‘custom’, it is recommended to create a pin with a priority > 500, to make sure the package is never unexpectedly overwritten with an incompatible package from a different repository. This can be done by adding the following lines to /etc/apt/preferences:

Package: *
Pin: release wheezy-custom
Pin-Priority: 600

GPG signatures

The repositories (or the Release files, to be more specific) have been signed with a GPG key. Apt uses this signature to verify if the files came from a trusted source. If you do not trust DevZero’s GPG key, Aptitude will complain and ask you if you want to install packages from an untrusted source. To add our GPG key to Apt’s ring of trusted keys, you can choose between three different ways:

1. Install the packagde debian-devzero-keyring:

sudo aptitude install debian-devzero-keyring

2. Get the key from a keyserver:

gpg --keyserver hkp://pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys CE3CD5E4
gpg -export CE3CD5E4 | sudo apt-key add -

3. Download the key from our server directly:

wget -q -O - http://debian.dev-zero.nl/devzero.asc | sudo apt-key add -

Good luck, and thank you for using debian.dev-zero.nl!

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