Taggert v1.1

Chances are, you have never heard of ‘Taggert’. Taggert is a Python/GTK+ 3 geo-tagging application. An introduction to the application is on my personal blog.

Yesterday, I released version 1.1, with some new features and lots of general improvements and bugfixes. The changelog for v1.1 is:

  • Restructure directory layout and add Python distutils and Debian packaging
  • Add an icon and a .desktop file
  • Disable Google map sources by default
  • Feature: copy/paste coordinates with CTRL-C/CTRL-V
  • Add two mapsources: Mapbox Streets and (just for fun) Stamen Watercolor
  • Handle elevation/altitude in geo-tags
  • Screen redrawing during time-consuming operations, to make it look snappier
  • Marker size is now configurable
  • Bookmarks are now properly sorted by name
  • Add many menu-accelerators (keyboard shortcuts)
  • Make functions from some action buttons available under view menu too

Taggert v1.1 is now available (i386 + source only at the moment) in wheezy-custom.

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