Taggert v1.2

If you don’t know what Taggert is, please see this post and the introduction on my personal blog (opens in a new window).

V1.2 was released on 5 November, but I only just now got around to building a package and uploading it to debian.dev-zero.nl. The changelog for v1.2 is:

  • Make application appear more responsive during time-consuming operations
  • Track line width on the map is now configurable
  • Add image markers on the map for tagged images and add an option to hide them
  • Color and size of image markers are configurable
  • Use GObject property bind functionality to automatically save settings
  • Add inline documentation to the code
  • Move general purpose functions outside the main app module
  • Make image markers 50% opaque
  • Many general code improvements and optimizations
  • Let Exiv2 decide on the supported file formats, instead of just reading JPG
  • Implement “select all from this camera” for images
  • Add camera ID column to images list, hidden by default
  • Show the current image directory in the statusbar

Taggert v1.2 is now available (arch-independent binary + source) in wheezy-custom. Please give it a try 🙂


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