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Etch repositories removed

As already announced in this post, the repositories for Etch have been removed, now that security support for Etch has ended. If you haven’t upgraded to Lenny yet, now is definately the time to do so…

New repository layout, new GPG key

In the quest for more quality, functionality and ease of administration, the Lenny repositories have been converted to new repositories, that are managed by reprepro. Fortunately, the impact for you as a user is small. The URLs to the repositories have changed (a path component /debian was added), so please update your sources.list to make […]

Some removals, Etch repositories

Today, the following packages were removed from the archive: Exim 4.71, from lenny-experimental. It is now available on Libapache-mod-security 2.5.9, from lenny-backports. It was outdated, and version 2.5.11 is available on Bpo. PHP 5.3.0-3 (i386) and 5.3.1-1 (amd64), from lenny-experimental. The latest version, 5.3.1-3, is now available in lenny-custom. Update 23:06h: Sqlite3 3.6.18, from […]

Lenny-experimental archive

Today, a new archive was added to this repository, named lenny-experimental. It serves the same purpose as the experimental archive of Debian itself, namely to serve packages, that are experimental in one way or an other. In any case, these packages may not be considered stable and may or may not work as expected. The […]

GPG key updated

From now on, the Release files for the repositories at will be signed with a new GPG key. To install packages from these repositories, you need to add that new key to your apt keyring. There are two ways to do that. The simplest way: aptitude install debian-devzero-keyring The alternative way: gpg –keyserver hkp:// […]